13th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island

The 13th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island represented the colony of Prince Edward Island between February 3, 1831, and 1835.

The Assembly sat at the pleasure of the Governor of Prince Edward Island, John Ready. Ewan Cameron was elected speaker. Ready was replaced by Murray Maxwell as Governor later in 1831.

As of 1830, Roman Catholics were allowed to vote and hold office in the colony.[1][permanent dead link]

Members edit

The members of the Prince Edward Island Legislature after the general election of 1831 were:

Riding Name
Prince County Samuel Green
Thomas C. Compton
Joseph Pope
Patrick Cody
Queens County Ewan Cameron
Samuel Nelson
John Small MacDonald
Donald Macdonald
Kings County Thomas Owen
Daniel Brenan
Charlottetown Charles Binns
John Brecken
Georgetown Hugh Macdonald
Roderick McNeill
Princetown William McNeill

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