121st IOC Session

The 121st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session was held on October 1–9, 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark, during which Rio de Janeiro was selected as the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics.[1] The city of Copenhagen was chosen on February 8, 2006 by the 118th IOC Session held in Turin, Italy to stage the 13th Olympic Congress, together with the meetings of the Executive Board and the 121st IOC Session.[1] The other candidates were Athens (Greece), Busan (South Korea), Cairo (Egypt), Riga (Latvia), Singapore (Singapore), Taipei (Chinese Taipei).[1] Convened on the initiative of President Jacques Rogge, the 13th Olympic Congress brought together all the constituent parties of the Olympic Movement to study and discuss the current functioning of the Movement and define the main development axes for the future.[1]

Logo of the 121st IOC Session.

The programme for the meeting was:[2]

  • October 1–2: Part I of the IOC Session. The 2016 host city was announced on October 2: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
  • October 3–5: The Olympic Congress.
  • October 7–9: Part II of the IOC Session. Elections for IOC President and IOC Members were held, as well as the final vote on the potential inclusion of golf and rugby sevens in the 2016 Games. Both sports were approved for the 2016 programme.
The Bella Center was the location used for the IOC Session & Olympic Congress

2016 Olympic host city electionEdit

On October 2, 2009, the IOC voted to elect the host city of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Rio de Janeiro was elected host city after three rounds of voting. This was Rio's fourth bid for the Olympic Games.

Election of the Host City of the 2016 Summer Olympics — ballot results
City Country (NOC) Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Rio de Janeiro   Brazil (BRA) 26 (27.66%) 46 (48.42%) 66 (67.35%)
Madrid   Spain (ESP) 28 (29.79%) 29 (30.53%) 32 (32.65%)
Tokyo   Japan (JPN) 22 (23.40%) 20 (21.05%)
Chicago   United States (USA) 18 (19.15%)
121st IOC Session Vote details Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Copenhagen - Denmark Eligible 95 97 99
Participants 94 96 98
Abstentions 0 1 0
Valid ballots 94 95 98
Members unable to vote
Members from countries with candidate cities Other members
  Anita L. Defrantz ·   James L. Easton ·   Chiharu Igaya ·   Shun-Ichiro Okano ·   João Havelange ·   Carlos Arthur Nuzman ·   Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr.   Jacques Rogge (IOC president) ·   Lee Kun-hee (suspended) ·   Alpha Ibrahim Diallo (absent) ·   Saku Koivu (absent)
  • Following Chicago's elimination, the two American IOC members were able to vote in the second and final rounds of voting.
  • Following Tokyo's elimination, the two Japanese IOC members were also able to vote in the final round of voting.

New sportsEdit

The Session decided to add Rugby Sevens and Golf to the Rio 2016 program.[3] The tally for rugby was 81 in favor, with 8 against,[4] and golf was approved 63–26.[5] Neither sport is new to the Olympics — rugby was last featured at the Olympics in 1924, and golf in 1904.

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