.bw is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Botswana. It is administered by the Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority, previously being administered by the University of Botswana before the formation of BOCRA.

TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
Registry BOCRA - Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority
SponsorBotswana Communication Regulatory Authority
Intended useEntities connected with  Botswana
Actual useVery popular in Botswana
Registration restrictionsRegister online: https://www.bwdomains.co.bw OR submit registration form by paper mail
StructureRegistrations are mostly at the third level beneath various second-level names, but some second-level registrations exist
Registry websitehttps://nic.net.bw/


There does not appear to be any official registry Web site or information online about how to register domains in this TLD, but some ISPs in Botswana offer this service, and it can be accomplished by filling out a form to send by paper mail. Most current registrations are at the third level beneath second-level names such as co.bw and org.bw, but some second-level registrations also exist.[citation needed] The most visited .bw domain is google.co.bw by Google Inc. in Botswana.[1]

Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority operates a WHOIS service for .bw domains and was previously operated by Botswana Telecommunications Corporation.[2]

2nd level domainsEdit

  • .org.bw – Botswana organizations[3]
  • .net.bw – Botswana Network service providers
  • .ac.bw – Botswana academic and tertiary societies[4]
  • .co.bw – general use by Botswana and non-Botswana persons and entities[5]
  • .gov.bw – Botswana government & its departments and entities[6]

See alsoEdit

  • ISO 3166-2:BW


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