...ing (Korean아이엔지) is a 2003 South Korean film starring Im Soo-jung, Kim Rae-won and Lee Mi-sook and directed by Lee Eon-hee. The title refers to the present continuous tense in English. Part of the movie were shot in Saipan.[1]

Ing poster.jpg
Promotional poster for ...ing
Revised RomanizationAienchi
Directed byLee Eon-hee
Produced byHwang Pil-seon
Written byKim Jin
StarringIm Soo-jung
Kim Rae-won
Lee Mi-sook
Music byBang Jun-seok
CinematographyKim Byeong-seo
Edited byLee Hyeon-mi
Distributed byTube Entertainment
Release date
  • 24 November 2003 (2003-11-24)
Running time
104 minutes
CountrySouth Korea


Min-ah (Im Soo-jung) is a young woman who has become reserved and aloof to the world as a result of her chronic illness and deformed hand. The film quietly portrays the unconventional, yet endearing relationship between Min-ah and her mother Mi-sook (Lee Mi-sook), as well as Min-ah's development as she is befriended by the high-spirited and carefree photographer Young-jae (Kim Rae-won) who moves into their apartment complex.[2]



1."그녀에게" (Within Her)Whiru4:07
2."첫사랑" (First Love)Blue In Green4:37
3."그녀입니다"Lee Byung-hun (Vanilla Voy)3:55
4."...ing"Blue In Green2:38
5."Beautiful One"Junoo4:22
6."Tres Quarto"Blue In Green1:42
7."기다림" (Waiting)Lee Sung-yeol3:37
8."구름우산" (Cloud Umbrella)Blue In Green4:26
9."Sunflower"Lee Ji-sun4:04
10."선물" (Gift)Blue In Green3:17
11."Bird"Blue In Green3:27
12."잘있어요...?" (Goodbye...?)Blue In Green2:43
13."버스" (Bus)Blue In Green2:22
14."기다림 (Piano Version)" (Waiting (Piano Version))Kil Eun-kyung2:10


A 2012 Chinese remake titled First Time (第一次) starred Angelababy, Mark Chao and Jiang Shan.[3]

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