Šatiya, also Satiya, or Shatiya was the ruler-'mayor' of Enišasi, during the Amarna letters period of 1350-1335 BC. In the entire correspondence of 382–letters, his name is only referenced in his own letter to the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, EA 187, (EA for 'el Amarna'). Šatiya's city/city-state of Enišasi is only referenced in one other letter, authored by another mayor of Enišasi, Abdi-Riša.

Šatiya's letter no. 187Edit

Šatiya's single letter to pharaoh, is a moderately short letter, entitled: "A daughter sent to the Pharaoh". As 5 lines of the body of the letter are missing, (a lacuna), the main subject is lost, except for the final sentence concerning Šatiya's daughter.

The letter, title: "A daughter sent to the Pharaoh"Edit

"Sa[y to the kin]g, my lord, [my god, my Sun: Mess]age of Šatiya, the ruler of [ Enišasi ], your [ser]vant, the dirt und[er the f]eet of the king, my lord. I [fa]ll [a]t the feet of the king, [my] lord, my god, my Sun, 7 times and 7 times.
As I am the loya[l] servant of the king, my lord, my god, [my Sun], in this place, and Enišasi is a city of the king, my lord, [my] god, my [Sun], I am guarding [the pl]ace of the king, [m]y lo[rd, my god, my Sun, where I am]. ...
...And I herew[ith s]end my daughter to the [pa]lace, [t]o the king, my lord, m[y] god, my Sun." -EA 187, lines 1-22 (16-21 lost-lacuna)

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