Şehzade Abdullah

Şehzade Abdullah (c. 1523–1526) was an Ottoman prince (şehzade), as the son of Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. He is generally understood to be the son of Hurrem Sultan,[1] as Suleiman and Hurrem were in a monogamous relationship by the time of his birth.[2][3] He was born in either 1523 or 1526 in Topkapi Palace, the Ottoman Empire and died due to a disease, possibly smallpox, in Istanbul.[3] His date of death is not recorded, however he is believed by historians to have died while still a toddler.[2]

Sehzade Abdullah
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
Abdullah bin Suleiman
FatherSuleiman the Magnificent
MotherHurrem Sultan

Although sometimes popularly considered, current historians believe he was not Mihrimah Sultan's twin as it is likely their births happened years apart.[citation needed]


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