Ōmazaki Lighthouse

The Ōmazaki Lighthouse (大間埼灯台, Ōmazaki tōdai) is a lighthouse located at the northernmost extremity of the Shimokita Peninsula of Honshū island in Ōma, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. It is maintained by the Japan Coast Guard.[3]

Ōmazaki Lighthouse
Ōmazaki Lighthouse
LocationŌma, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
Coordinates41°33′07″N 140°54′54″E / 41.55194°N 140.91500°E / 41.55194; 140.91500Coordinates: 41°33′07″N 140°54′54″E / 41.55194°N 140.91500°E / 41.55194; 140.91500
Constructed1921 (first)
Foundationconcrete base
Constructionconcrete tower
Height25.4 metres (83 ft)
Shapecylibdrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markingswhite and black bands tower, white lantern
Fog signalone 10s. blast every 50s.
First lit1953 (current)
Focal height36 metres (118 ft)
LensFourth Order Fresnel
Intensity120,000 candela
Range17 nautical miles (31 km; 20 mi)[1]
CharacteristicFl (3) W 30s
Japan no.JCG-1550[2]

The lighthouse is located on a small offshore island called Bentenjima, 600 meters off Cape Ōmazaki, within the borders of the Shimokita Hantō Quasi-National Park. There is no public access.

The Ōmazaki Lighthouse illuminates the Tsugaru Strait at the entrance to Mutsu Bay. This is the narrowest point on the Tsugaru Strait and the light from this lighthouse can be seen across the strait in Hokkaido.


Work began on the Ōmazaki Lighthouse in September 1920, and it was first lit on November 1, 1921. During World War II, it was repeatedly hit by air strikes by United States Navy aircraft. By 1945 it laid in ruins.

While being rebuilt after the war, it was once again severely damaged by the 1952 Hokkaido earthquake. The second generation lighthouse was completed in July 1953. A radar beacon was established on April 17, 1983. Since April 1, 1993, the lighthouse has been fully automated, and is now unmanned. The lighthouse is maintained by the Japan Coast Guard.[4]

It is listed as one of the “50 Lighthouses of Japan” by the Japan Lighthouse Association.[5]

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