Ötztal Alps

The Ötztal Alps (Italian: Alpi Venoste, German: Ötztaler Alpen) are a mountain range in the Central Eastern Alps, in the State of Tyrol in western Austria and the Province of South Tyrol in northern Italy.

Ötztal Alps
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Highest point
Elevation3,774 m (12,382 ft)
Coordinates46°53′49″N 10°52′31″E / 46.89694°N 10.87528°E / 46.89694; 10.87528
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Ötztal Alps
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps
CountriesAustria and Italy
Range coordinates46°45′N 10°55′E / 46.750°N 10.917°E / 46.750; 10.917Coordinates: 46°45′N 10°55′E / 46.750°N 10.917°E / 46.750; 10.917
Parent rangeCentral Eastern Alps
Borders onStubai Alps


The Ötztal Alps are arrayed at the head of the Ötztal valley, a side valley of the Inn river southwest of Innsbruck, Austria. One line of summits forms part of the border between Austria and Italy.

The Ötztal Alps are bordered by the Reschen Pass (1504 m) in the west and the Inn river in the northwest and north. In the east the range is separated from the Stubai Alps by the Ötztaler Ache in the Ötztal, the Timmelsjoch (2474 m) and the Passer river in the Passeier Valley. On the south and southwest, the range is limited by the deep valley of the Etsch river, here known as the Vinschgau.

The Ötztal Alps are surrounded by the following ranges:

On September 1991, Ötzi the so-called "Iceman" was found on the Hauslabjoch between the peaks Fineilspitze and Similaun.


Brandenburger house and Weißkugel

The highest point of the Ötztal Alps is Wildspitze 3,774 metres (12,382 ft), which is also the second highest mountain in Austria (after Großglockner). Wildspitze is on one of several arms that extend north and northeast from the main ridge.

Some of the main peaks of the Ötztal Alps are:

Peak Elevation
m ft
Wildspitze 3,774 12,382
Weißkugel 3,739 12,267
Hintere Schwärze 3,628 11,903
Similaun 3,603 11,821
Ramolkogel 3,551 11,651
Schalfkogel 3,540 11,614
Hochvernagtspitze 3,535 11,598
Watzespitze 3,533 11,591
Weißseespitze 3,518 11,542
Fineilspitze 3,514 11,529
Hochwilde 3,480 11,417
Hinterer Seelenkogel 3,472 11,391
Bliggspitze 3,454 11,332
Lagaunspitze 3,439 11,283
Hochfirst 3,403 11,237
Verpeilspitze 3,425 11,165
Ehrichspitze 3,420 11,220
Hohe Geige 3,395 11,138
Valvelspitze 3,360 11,020
Glockturm 3,355 11,007
Rofelewand 3,353 11,001
Hochalt 3,285 10,778
Grawand 3,251 10,666
Remsspitze 3,205 10,515
Nederkogel 3,163 10,377
Hundstalkogel 3,080 10,100
Nauderer Hennesiglspitze 3,042 9,980
Wildnörderer 3,015 9,982
Endkopf 2,652 8,701
A panorama from Hohe Mut, above Obergurgl.
A panorama from the Gaislachkogel, above Sölden, with the Stubaier Alps on the left


The main mountain passes of the Ötztal Alps are:

Mountain pass location type elevation (m/ft)
Gepatschjoch Vent to the Kaunertal snow 3243 10,640
Ramoljoch Vent to Gurgl snow 3194 10,479
Langtaufererjoch Vent to the Reschen Pass snow 3167 10,391
Gurgler Eisjoch Gurgl to Schnals snow 3137 10,292
Langthalerjoch Gurgl to Pfelders-Plan snow 3058 10,033
Niederjoch Vent to Schnals snow 3017 9899
Pitztalerjöchl Mittelberg (Pitztal) to Sölden snow 2995 9826
Eisjöchl am Bild Pfelders to Schnals snow 2908 9541
Venter Hochjoch Vent to Kurzras snow 2885 9465
Timmelsjoch (Passo del Rombo) Sölden to Meran road 2509 8232
Reschen Pass (Passo di Resia) Landeck to Meran road 1494 4902

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