Óscar Tulio Lizcano

Óscar Tulio Lizcano (born 1947) is a Colombian conservative politician and a member of the Colombia Conservative Party who was a congressman for the Department of Caldas (a position now taken by his son[1]). On August 5, 2000, while serving as congressman, Lizcano was kidnapped in Riosucio, Caldas, by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group and held for 8 years. On October 23, 2008, he escaped captivity with the help of one of his jailers who took the decision to desert due to the immense pressure inflicted by the Colombian army on the rebel group.[2]

Óscar Tulio Lizcano González
Member of the Colombian Chamber of Representatives
Personal details
Political partyConservative
Spouse(s)Martha Arango Casas
ChildrenMauricio Lizcano Arango
Juan Carlos Lizcano Arango

According to correspondence sent by Lizcano he was continuously moved through different guerrilla camps in the Caldas countryside and is suffering from malaria.[3]

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