Ælfthryth, Countess of Flanders

Ælfthryth of Wessex (c. 877 – 7 June 929), also known as Elftrudis (Elftrude, Elfrida), was an English princess and a countess consort of Flanders.

Ælfthryth of Wessex
Countess consort of Flanders
Bornc. 877
Died7 June 929
SpouseBaldwin II, Count of Flanders
IssueArnulf I of Flanders
Adalulf, Count of Boulogne
FatherAlfred the Great


She was the youngest daughter of Alfred the Great,[1] the Saxon King of England and his wife Ealhswith. Her siblings included King Edward the Elder and Æthelflæd.

Between 893 and 899, Ælfthryth married Baldwin II (died 918), Count of Flanders.[2]

They had the following issue:


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Ælfthryth, Countess of Flanders
Born: c. 877 Died: 7 June 929
Preceded by
Judith of Flanders
Countess consort of Flanders
893-899 to 918
Succeeded by
Adele of Vermandois