Álvaro III of Kongo

Álvaro III Nimi a Mpanzu, also known as Álvaro III Mbiki a Mpanzu, ruled as king or manikongo of the Kingdom of Kongo from August 1615 to 4 May 1622. Prior to becoming king, he had served as Duke of Mbamba.[1] Like his predecessor, Bernardo II he was a son of King Álvaro II.[1] King Álvaro III was the fourth ruler from the royal house of Kwilu established by King Álvaro I. In 1622, Álvaro III died while his son, Ambrósio, was too young to become king. The nobles elected the Duke of Mbamba to the post of mwenekongo, ushering the short dynasty of the House of Nsundi.

Álvaro III
Mwene Kongo
ReignAugust 1615 to 4 May 1622
PredecessorBernardo II
SuccessorPedro II
DynastyKwilu dynasty
FatherÁlvaro II


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