Zoan or Tso'an (Hebrew: צֹועַן Ṣōʕan) was, according to the Hebrew Bible, a city of Egypt in the eastern Nile delta. Numbers 13:23 says that it was built seven years after Hebron was built. Psalm 78:12,43 identifies the "field of Zoan" as where Moses performed miracles before Pharaoh to persuade him to release Israel from his service. The city is also mentioned in Isaiah 19:11, 13, Isaiah 30:4 and Ezekiel 30:14.

The Greek Septuagint in all of these verses uses the Greek name Τάνις Tánis; both Tanis and Tso'an are ultimately derived from the Ancient Egyptian name for Tanis, ḏꜥn.t (Bohairic Coptic ϫⲁⲛⲓ; Sahidic Coptic ϫⲁⲁⲛⲉ; Modern Arabic صان Ṣan). The mentions in Isaiah and Ezekiel correspond with Tanis.