Zimmerwald Observatory

The Zimmerwald Observatory (German: Observatorium Zimmerwald) is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by the AIUB, the Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern. Built in 1956, it is located at Zimmerwald, 10 kilometers south of Bern, Switzerland.

Zimmerwald Observatory
View of the dome-shaped Zimmerwald Obeservatory
The Zimmerwald Observatory in 2009
OrganizationUniversity of Berne
Observatory code 026 Edit this on Wikidata
LocationCanton of Bern, Switzerland
Coordinates46°52′36″N 7°27′54″E / 46.87667°N 7.46500°E / 46.87667; 7.46500Coordinates: 46°52′36″N 7°27′54″E / 46.87667°N 7.46500°E / 46.87667; 7.46500
ZIMLAT1-meter Laser and Astrometric Telescope
Zimmerwald Observatory is located in Switzerland
Zimmerwald Observatory
Location of Zimmerwald Observatory

Numerous comets and asteroids have been discovered by Paul Wild (1925–2014) at Zimmerwald Observatory, most notably comet 81P/Wild, which was visited by NASA's Stardust space probe in 2004. The main belt asteroid 1775 Zimmerwald has been named after the location of the observatory.[1]

The 1-meter aperture ZIMLAT telescope was inaugurated in 1997.[2]

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