Ziarul Financiar is a daily financial newspaper published in Bucharest, Romania. Aside from business information, it features sections focusing on careers and properties, as well as a special Sunday newspaper. Ziarul Financiar also publishes Transylvanian, Proprietăți, Ziarul de Duminică, Profesii, După Afaceri, supplements and a monthly magazine, go4it!, which is provided freely to the newspaper's subscribers.

Ziarul Financiar
EditorSorin Pislaru
CategoriesBusiness Daily
PublisherPubliMedia International



In April 2003, Ziarul Financiar has launched a press package that together with ZF also contains its cultural supplement, the Sunday Newspaper (Romanian: Ziarul de Duminică), the weekend After Business (După Afaceri) supplement and the Discovery magazine (Descoperă).[1]

Since 2004, Ziarul Financiar has launched a series of Yearbooks - The Top of the Most Valuable Companies of Romania, The Top Players of the Economy, Top Transactions, Who's Who in Business and The Top 1,000 Business people in Romania.[2]

Ziarul Financiar also publishes the publication "Business Directory of Romania", which was launched in 2006.[3][4][5] Currently (October 2019), Ziarul Financiar is edited by Mediafax Group and is coordinated by Cristian Hostiuc, Editorial Director, and Sorin Pâslaru, Editor-in-Chief.[6]

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