Zheti Zhargy

The Zheti Zhargy (also transliterated as "Jeti Jarği", original "Жеті Жарғы", lit. "Seven Charters") was the set of laws introduced in the Kazakh Khanate by Tauke Khan c. 1680-1718. [1]

  • 1st zhargy: Death sentence to those who would start an uprising (To save the consistency of the country)
  • 2nd zhargy: Death to those who would betray the Turkic people
  • 3rd zhargy: Death to a murderer
  • 4th zhargy: Death to those who would dishonour a wife of the other
  • 5th zhargy: Death to a thief
  • 6th zhargy: If in case of fight, one would damage the eyes of the other, he must give away his woman or equal price (Қалын - the amount of wealth which is given to the parents of the girl by a fiancé wedding before)
  • 7th zhargy: If one would steal a horse, he must return ten.


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Further readingEdit

  • Seit Kenzheahmetuly, Ulttyk Adet Guryptyn Beimalim 220 Turi