Zenzevatka (Russian: Зензева́тка) is a rural locality (a selo) and the administrative center of Zenzevatvskoye Rural Settlement, Olkhovsky District, Volgograd Oblast, Russia. The population was 1,604 as of 2017.[2] There are 14 streets.[3]

Zenzevatka is located in Volgograd Oblast
Zenzevatka is located in Russia
Coordinates: 49°48′N 44°32′E / 49.800°N 44.533°E / 49.800; 44.533[1]
RegionVolgograd Oblast
DistrictOlkhovsky District
Time zoneUTC+4:00

History Edit

According to the Historical and Geographical Dictionary of Saratov Province, it was settled by Russian serfs in the 1770s or in the early 19th century.[4]

Geography Edit

Zenzevatka is located 8 km southwest of Olkhovka (the district's administrative centre) by road. Olkhovka is the nearest rural locality.[5]

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