Zaporizhzhia Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Plant

Open Joint Stock Company Zaporizhzhia Shipbuilding-ShipRepair Plant is a civil shipbuilding company that carries out the repair of vessels and ships to the needs of river and sea fleet, located in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine). The branch of a joint-stock shipping company "Ukrrichflot." The factory has a developed shipbuilding base, including technology, equipment, specialists, that allows to repair and build ships and river vessels of mixed type of swimming "river-sea", passenger boats and other marine equipment.

Zaporizhzhia Shipbuilding-Shiprepair Plant

The legal address of the company: 69055, Ukraine, Zaporizhzhia, Glisserna street, 14.[1]

Production capacityEdit

  • special wheel to lift vessels weighing up to 800 tons, length to 90 m, width to 16 m;
  • floating dock for lifting vessels weighing up to 5,000 tons, a length to 135 m, a width to 20 m;
  • lift vessels weighing up to 327 tons;
  • floating workshop

Main productsEdit

Civil shipbuilding
Ship repair and specialized work
  • Capital, average, current, emergency repairs, accommodation in ports and modernization of vessels weighing up to 5,000 tons, passenger boats and other vessels of technical and passenger fleets.
  • all types of repair of river ships and vessels of mixed type "sea -sea" and ship equipment
  • repair of ship systems and devices
  • overhaul of diesel engines (fuel equipment, adjustment and repair nozzles)
  • electrical work, repair and manufacturing of switchgear, making jobs with current and

average repair of ship electrical equipment.[2]


In 2008, in Zaporizhzhia joint stock shipping company "Ukrrichflot" has completed production of series of five self-propelled barges of the type "Europe-M". Non-propelled barges of the type "Europa-M", were designed by office "Ukrrichflot" in 2004 and they are modern vehicles, which have a number of competitive advantages over most barges of fleets that were operated on the Danube. The length of the vessel is 76 meters, width - 11.4 m, capacity - 2080 tons.


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