Zamami Island

Zamami Island (座間味島, Zamami-jima) is an island in the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Kerama Islands group and administered as the village of Zamami in Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Zamami Island is 24 kilometers in circumference. The island has 3 settlements, which are Zamami, Ama, and Asa.[1]

Zamami Island
Native name:
座間味島 (Zamami-jima)
Zamami Island gsi-20081122.jpg
Aerial view of Zamami Island
Map of Kerama Islands.png
Zamami Island in the Kerama Islands
LocationPacific Ocean
Coordinates26°13′45″N 127°18′12″E / 26.22917°N 127.30333°E / 26.22917; 127.30333Coordinates: 26°13′45″N 127°18′12″E / 26.22917°N 127.30333°E / 26.22917; 127.30333
ArchipelagoKerama Islands
PrefectureOkinawa Prefecture
Ethnic groupsRyukyuan, Japanese
View from Mt. Takatsuki (overlooking Zamami Port and village)
Zumami Island, 2016


  • Furuzamami Beach. It was ranked 4th in Japan in the “Travelers Choice World's Best Beach 2016” announced by Trip Advisor in 2016.[2]
  • Ama Beach
  • Furuzamami Kaizuka
  • Tower of peace
  • Kerama Marine Culture Museum
  • Marilyn statue


  • Takatsuki mountain park
    • Takatsukiyama Observatory-Altitude 131m
    • Observatory 1-Overlooking the calm Anogoura Bay
  • Nase no Saki Observatory
  • Inasaki Observatory (Nanzachi no Saki)
  • Chishi Observatory
  • Kaminohama Observatory