Zakynthos Football Clubs Association

Zakynthos Football Clubs Association (or Zakinthos) ("Zakynthos or Zakinthos F.C.A.", Greek: Ένωση Ποδοσφαιρικών Σωματείων Ζακύνθου Enosi Podosfairikon Somateion Zakynthou) is one of the newest Greek amateur football clubs associations, representing teams from the Greek island of Zakynthos. The association was founded in 1987 after breaking up from the Elis Football Clubs Association.

Zakynthos F.C.A.
Ε.Π.Σ. Ζακύνθου
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FIFA affiliationHellenic Football Federation
PresidentLeonidas Malioufas


The association is a member of the Hellenic Football Federation and organizes a regional football league and cup.


For the upcoming season (2011-2012) 29 clubs will take part to the union's championship. The teams are separated in 2 divisions.

1st Zakynthos DivisionEdit

12 teams will take part at that division. The 4 top teams will participate to the Promotion Play-Offs which will have a tournament form, and the winner will be promoted to Delta Ethniki championship. The 2 bottom teams will be relegated to the lower division while the upper two teams will play a Relegation Play-Off game.

2nd Zakynthos DivisionEdit

17 teams will take part at that division that year. The league will be separated into two groups with 9 and 8 teams. The top three teams of each group will qualify for the Promotion Play-Offs. The Promotion Play-Offs will have a group form as a small duration championship and will be played in two rounds. The clubs that will finish in the top three places will be promoted to the upper division.


Every team that geographically belongs to that union and participates in one of these two championships or even at the Delta Ethniki.


1st Zakynthos DivisionEdit

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