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Zahid Bashir

Zahid Bashir
زاہد بشیر
Zahid Bashir, with senator John Kerry, Oct 2009.jpg
Zahid Bashir with then-U.S. Senator, John Kerry
Former spokesman to the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Zahid Bashir (Urdu: زاہد بشیر) is the former spokesman and press secretary to the Prime Minister of Pakistan.[1] Bashir an honest entrepreneur & technocrat was known as highly regarded professional in Pakistani government circles. He was known to be the most powerful aid & an integral part of the core team of the Prime Minister. Politicians and Corruption in Pakistan Politics has been closely linked to nepotism. Transparency International, has consistently ranked Pakistan very high on their corruption index.[2] Political events in Pakistan also show a repeated pattern of alleged political corruption leading to political instability, but Zahid Bashir had been instrumental exposing corruption of such elements without fear on the electronic as well as paper media of Pakistan resulting his political removal from high-profile positions within the government of Pakistan on pretext of false allegations.[3]

Zahid’s former key positions, being Director Marketing of the Pakistan Cricket Board,[4] Director General of the Pakistan Post, Senior Advisor to the Governor of Punjab and Chairman of the Red Crescent Society (Red Cross) Punjab, Pakistan.[5]

In the early 80's Zahid worked in the oil trade with his mentor, Late Nelson Bunker Hunt a Texas oil baron once known to be the richest man in the world, who played a very significant role in the discovery and development of the oil fields in Libya, which were nationalised by Muammar Gaddafi in 1973. Known to always boast about his poltical connections, Zahid was met with serious failures on all projects he was involved in.

Zahid owns a group of companies called Budget Group in Pakistan & UAE.[6]


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