Yusuf ibn Firuz

Yusuf ibn Firuz (surname also spelled Fayruz) was the military governor under successive Burid atabegs of Damascus. Ibn Firuz served first with Toghtekin and then his son Taj al-Mulk Buri after the death of the former in 1128.[1] In 1129, Buri and ibn Firuz began the massacre of Nizari Isma'ili partisans, beginning with al-Mazdaghani, Toghtekin's vizier, killing or expelling the Assassins from the city.[2] Ibn Firuz was a close adviser to Buri. However, when Buri was succeeded by his son Shams al-Mulk Isma'il, the latter tried to have ibn Firuz killed because he feared that Ibn Firuz was plotting his murder.[3]


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