Yoyes (film)

Yoyes is a 2000 Spanish film directed by Helena Taberna. The film is a political drama, a fictionalized reconstruction of the life of María Dolores Katarain (aka "Yoyes"), a female member of ETA, who was targeted by that organization upon her return to the Basque Country.

Yoyes (movie poster).jpg
Spanish film poster
Directed byHelena Taberna
Produced byEnrique Cerezo
Written byHelena Taberna
Andrés Martorell
StarringAna Torrent
Ernesto Alterio
Florence Pernell
Music byÁngel Illarramendi
CinematographyFederico Ribes
Edited byRosario Sáinz de Rozas
Release date
31 March 2000 Spain
Running time
104 minutes


In the early 1970s, during the last years of Franco's dictatorship, ETA was a group of Basque using political violence in Spain under the leadership of Argi. Yoyes, a young independent woman, joins ETA in Ordizia, a small town in the Basque Country. She quickly plays an important role in ETA's organization. Yoyes meets Joxean, a philosophy student and they start a relationship.

Eventually, Yoyes finds herself losing faith in ETA's cause. Once the group begins to kill civilians, she decides to leave after Argi dies during a bombing. Dropping out of the group, Yoyes goes underground, and moves to Mexico, where she goes back to college and receives a Ph.D.

12 years later, Yoyes is in Paris, where her husband Joxean gets a teaching position with a French University. When Joxean decides to visit the Basque regions with their small daughter Zuriñe, Yoyes decides to join them, knowing it puts her at great personal risk.

When a newspaper prominently publishes the news of Yoyes's return, her former ETA colleagues mistakenly believe that her presence there means that she has turned informant in exchange for permission to return home. They don't want her example to spread and more people to leave the group. Yoyes has tried to forget the past and be forgotten, wanting just to blend back into society. In the autumn, her former comrades have condemned Yoyes to death. While at a local fair in Ordizia, Yoyes is shot in the head in front of her young daughter.


  • Ana Torrent- Yoyes
  • Ernesto Alterio - Joxean
  • Florence Pernell - Hélène
  • Ramón Langa - Koldo
  • Iñaki Aierra - Argi
  • Isabel Ordaz - Ana
  • Ruth Nuñez - Bego
  • Martxelo Rubio - Kizkur
  • Gonzalo Gonzalo – Zaldu


  • Toulouse Cinespaña: best Actor, best Actress, Special Jury Prize, 2000
  • Festival de Cine de Cartagena: Best First Work, Opera Prima, 2001
  • Festival de Cine de Gramado: Best Latin Film, 2001

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