Youth on Parole

Youth on Parole is a 1937 American drama film directed by Phil Rosen and starring Marian Marsh and Gordon Oliver.

Youth on Parole
Marian Marsh and Gordon Oliver as Youth on Parole (1937)..jpg
Marian Marsh and Gordon Oliver in Youth on Parole
Directed byPhil Rosen
Produced byPhil Rosen (associate producer)
Written byHershel Rebuas
Henry Blankfort (additional dialogue)
StarringMarian Marsh
Gordon Oliver
Music byAlberto Colombo (uncredited)
CinematographyEdward Snyder
Edited byErnest J. Nims
Release date
  • 4 October 1937 (1937-10-04)
Running time
62 minutes
53 minutes (edited American version)
CountryUnited States

Plot summaryEdit

"Bobbie" Blake, (Marian Marsh), and Phillip Henderson, (Gordon Oliver), are complete strangers, looking in a jewelry store window, when a hood known as "The Sparkler", (Miles Mander), sets them up to take the rap, stashing some of the loot in their pockets, as the gang makes their getaway.

No one believes that they are innocent, not even their public defender. When they serve their time in "The Joint", no one will give them a break, with their prison record, not even their own families; and, they cannot keep a job.

Their landlady, Mrs. Abernathy, (Margaret Dumont), likes them, and encourages them to get married.

Despite the danger, Phil convinces Bobbi that their only chance is to see "The Sparkler" and even the score.


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