Your World Awards

The Premios Tu Mundo (Spanish for "Your World Awards") is an annual award presented by American television network Telemundo. The awards celebrates the achievements of Hispanics and Latinos in the media including TV shows, movies, music, fashion, and sports.[1] The awards were established in 2012.[2] Telemundo announced that there would not be a ceremony in 2018, but that the seventh edition would be held in 2019.[3]

Premios Tu Mundo
Current: 6th Your World Awards
Premios Tu Mundo logo.jpg
Awarded forRecognition of Latinos in the media
CountryUnited States
Presented byTelemundo
First awarded2012
WebsiteOfficial website


Ceremony Date Host(s) Venue
1st Your World Awards August 30, 2012 Gaby Espino, Rafael Amaya American Airlines Arena
2nd Your World Awards August 15, 2013 Gaby Espino, Aarón Díaz
3rd Your World Awards August 21, 2014
4th Your World Awards August 20, 2015 Angélica Vale, Raúl González
5th Your World Awards August 25, 2016 Maritza Rodríguez, Carlos Ponce
6th Your World Awards August 24, 2017 Carmen Villalobos, Daniel Sarcos, Fernanda Castillo[4]


Current awardsEdit

Category Year
Novela of the Year 2012–present
Súper Serie of the Year 2015–present
Favorite Lead Actress 2012–present
Favorite Lead Actor 2012–present
Favorite Actress 2012–present
Favorite Actor 2012–present
Best Bad Girl 2012–present
Best Bad Boy 2012–present
Perfect Couple 2012–present
Party Starter Song 2012–present
Soy Sexy and I Know It 2012–present
Favorite Pop Artist 2014–present
Favorite Tropical Artist 2014–present
Favorite Urban Artist 2014–present
Fan Club of the Year 2014–present
Favorite Actor with Bad Luck 2015–present
Favorite Regional Mexican Artist 2015–present
Favorite Influencer 2015–present
Favorite Presenter 2017–present
Favorite Program 2017–present

Discontinued awardsEdit

Category Year
Best Young Performance 2012
Favorite Novela Soundtrack 2012
Best Kiss 2012
Song That Steals My Heart 2012
Favorite Film 2012
Favorite Supermodel 2012
Most Charismatic Athlete 2012
That's Crazy! 2012
Best Music Video 2012–2013
Favorite Latino in Hollywood 2012–2013
Favorite Viral Video 2012–2013
Most Social 2012–2013
Sports Sensation of the Year 2012–2013
Best Bad Luck Moment 2012–2014
Most Popular Song of the Year 2013–2014
Best Moment of Reality 2013–2014
Best First Actress 2013–2015
Best First Actor 2013–2015
Favorite Young Artist 2014
Favorite Band 2014
Favorite Duo or Group 2014
Favorite Norteño Artist 2014
¡Qué Papacito! 2014
Social Sensation 2014
Favorite Sports Moment 2014–2015
Favorite Lead Actress of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Favorite Lead Actor of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Favorite Actress of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Favorite Actor of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Best Bad Girl of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Best Bad Boy of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Perfect Couple of Súper Serie 2015–2016
Favorite Entertainment Presenter 2015–2016
Favorite Specials Presenter 2015–2016
Revelation of the Year 2016
Favorite Weekday Program 2016
Favorite Weekend Program 2016


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