Ratthaphong Phoorisit (Thai: รัธพงศ์ ภูรีสิทธิ์; RTGSRutthaphong Phurisit), known by his stage name Youngohm (Thai: ยังโอม) (born 24 October 1998 —) is a popular Hip-Hop singer from Thailand. He has many popular song including Doo White, Choey Moey, Thararat etc.

Young Ohm at Spotify On Stage BKK 2019.jpg
Background information
Birth nameRatthaphong Phoorisit
(Thai: รัธพงศ์ ภูรีสิทธิ์)
Born (1998-10-24) 24 October 1998 (age 22)
Bangkok, Thailand
Years active2015–present

Early life and careerEdit

He was born on 24 October 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand. He finished his secondary school degree from Wat Tha Thong secondary school,[1] but he didn't study in university.[2][3] He started performing on stage since his first year in secondary school, when he started composing. Until the end of secondary school, he recorded in the studio and posted his songs on social media. His stage name is "Youngohm," as popular rapper names in the west use "Young" in their name. He joined his friends in a contest in the rap show Rap is Now season 2. Although he didn't win the competition, he started to become a popular entertainer.[4]

In 2017, he released Choey Moey(Thai: เฉยเมย), which received 1,000,000 views on YouTube, and first class in charts by JOOX.[5] In 2018, he was received JOOX Thailand Music Awards, Hip-hop great songs, from song title Choey Moey,[6] and he was featured in songs by Getsunova and Fucking Hero.

In 2019, his song Doo White (Thai: ดูไว้; RTGSDu Wai) has been watched on YouTube over 182,000,000 times, and another one of his songs, Thararat (Thai: ธารารัตน์), received 25,000,000 views on YouTube in the first week after its posting.[7]



  • Choey Moey (2017)
  • Doo White (2019)
  • Thararat (2019)




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