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Young Labour (UK)

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Young Labour is the youth section of the UK Labour Party. Membership is automatic for Labour Party members aged 14 to 26.[3]

Young Labour
ChairpersonMiriam Mirwitch[1]
Honorary PresidentLuiz Inacio Lula da Silva[2]
Preceded byLabour Party Young Socialists
HeadquartersLondon, United Kingdom
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Mother partyLabour Party
International affiliationInternational Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY)
European affiliationYoung European Socialists (YES)

It exists to involve young people in the Labour Party and ensure that the aspirations of young people are reflected in Labour’s policies in power. Young Labour members are able to get involved in the Labour Party through local policy events, campaigning or by attending events and social gatherings.

Young Labour hosts an annual conference, alternating between national committee elections and policy conferences every other year. Young Labour also holds a range of additional national events, including fringe sessions at the Labour Party's annual conference.

Young Labour is affiliated to both the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and Young European Socialists (YES).



Young Labour was founded in 1993 by a Labour Party annual conference motion in Brighton, proposed by Tom Watson, seconded by Brian Whitington, then Chair of the Labour Party Young Socialists, and supported by then National Executive Committee Youth Representative Claire Ward.[citation needed] Before 1993 young people in Labour had been represented by the Labour Party Young Socialists.

In October 2017 Young Labour's annual conference called for banks to be publicly owned, and for Britain to withdraw from NATO, and described US President Donald Trump as a "fascist".[4]

In March 2018, Young Labour voted to condemn then-Labour MP John Woodcock's comments to the pro-Erdogan website The Daily Sabah, in which he appeared to praise the Turkish government, criticising the Corbynsceptic MP as an "apologist for war crimes".

In October 2018, Young Labour voted to make Brazilian socialist leader Lula da Silva its honorary president, with a statement calling the embattled former president a "towering figure in the working class movement".

Membership feeEdit

Members of the Labour Party aged 14 to 26 are automatically members of Young Labour.[5]


Young Labour National CommitteeEdit

The Young Labour National Committee acts as the executive of the organisation. It includes a chair, the National Executive Committee (NEC) youth rep, an international officer, five liberation officers, two ordinary reps, five trade union reps, three Labour Students reps, and 11 regional reps. In addition, the Labour Party appoints a permanent secretary to act as facilitator, National Policy Forum youth reps appoint a vice chair (policy), and the youth wings of affiliated organisations, such as the Co-operative Party and the Fabian Society, are able to appoint a representative.[6]

Chair of Young LabourEdit

Between 1991 and 2009 the Chair of Young Labour was appointed by the Labour Party.[citation needed] Reforms passed by the Labour Party's annual conference saw the creation of a democratically elected chair, voted for by delegates at Young Labour's national conference, to serve a two-year term. The first election took place in 2009.[citation needed] In late 2017 the Labour Party's NEC changed the system so that the Chair of Young Labour is elected by a one-member-one-vote ballot of young members.[7] It was reported that over 7,000 young members voted in the 2018 election.[1]

Elected chairs of Young LabourEdit

  • 2009–11, Sam Tarry[8]
  • 2011–13, Susan Nash[9]
  • 2013–16, Simon Darvill[10][11]
  • 2016–18, Caroline Hill[12]
  • 2018–, Miriam Mirwitch[1]

National Executive Committee Youth RepEdit

Delegates at Young Labour's national conference also elected the Youth Rep to sit on the Labour Party's NEC. The election operated under an electoral college, with a third of the vote for young member delegates, a third for Labour Students delegates, and a third for delegates from affiliated trade unions and socialist societies.

For the 2018 election, the system was changed, with half of the vote allocated to young members through a one-member-one-vote ballot and half allocated to block votes by affiliated trade unions and socialist societies.[7]

Local groupsEdit

Young Labour groups exist at the local, regional, national, and international level, supporting the activity of the wider Labour Party and feeding in to Young Labour through its national committee.

The national groups are

  ScotlandScottish Young Labour

  WalesWelsh Young Labour

  Northern Ireland – Young Labour NI

Young Labour International

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