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You Were Never Uglier was a June 2, 1944 comedy short subject motion picture produced by Columbia Pictures and starring Andy Clyde, Emmett Lynn, and Esther Howard.[1]

You Were Never Uglier
Directed byJules White
Produced byJules White
Screenplay byFelix Adler
StarringAndy Clyde, Emmett Lynn, and Esther Howard
Release date
  • June 2, 1944 (1944-06-02)
CountryUnited States




Andy and Emmett are two sailors who finally return home to propose to their fiancées. Andy uses a radio to perform his marriage proposal, which his fiancée Nan (Esther Howard) accepts, but soon the two hapless men find out that married life is no piece of cake.

However, when a fire burns down their apartment, they are forced to live in a small home in the suburbs. Andy and Emmett agree to clean the place up, with their new son, Junior, while the wives go shopping for the day, but it's no easy task. Andy has trouble putting a bed together upstairs and downstairs, Emmett has trouble with a dresser. Emmett eventually brings the dresser upstairs via a movable cart; when he tries to flip it over, it ends up crashing and breaking.

Later, they paint the kitchen, but Junior accidentally dumps out fireplace soot and the kitchen soon covers it. The wives return, outraged. They both plan to knock out Andy and Emmett with boards, but they duck and the women knock themselves out.

They decide to return to their ship that is still in port at the dockyard. But they do not make it in time and they fall into the water.


"You Were Never Uglier" was remade in 1952 as Hooked And Rooked with Margie Liszt and Maxine Gates playing the roles of the fiancées.


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