You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5

You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5 is a double compact disc collection of live recordings (except for "German Lunch" and "My Guitar" which are studio recordings) by Frank Zappa. Disc one comprises performances by The Mothers of Invention spanning the period from 1966 to 1969. "My Guitar" had been previously released as a single in 1969. Disc two comprises performances from the summer 1982 tour of Europe. It was released in 1992 (see 1992 in music) under the label Rykodisc. The last track on this collection ends with Zappa's anger at some audience members tossing cigarettes on stage; after a warning to stop was not obeyed, the disc ends with Zappa stating, "Houselights! The concert's over!"

You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5
Live album by
ReleasedJuly 10, 1992
RecordedJune 1966–July 1969 (Disc one);
May 30–July 14, 1982 (Disc two)
ProducerFrank Zappa
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Track listing edit

All tracks are written by Frank Zappa, except where noted

Disc one
No.TitleRecording date and venueLength
1."The Downtown Talent Scout"Fillmore Auditorium, June 24–25, 19664:01
2."Charles Ives"McMillin Theater, February 14, 19694:37
3."Here Lies Love" (Martin, Dobard)McMillin Theater, February 14, 19692:44
4."Piano/Drum Duet"The Ark, July 8, 19691:57
5."Mozart Ballet" (Zappa, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)Royal Albert Hall, June 6, 19694:05
6."Chocolate Halvah" (Lowell George, Roy Estrada, Zappa)Thee Image, February 7–9, 19693:25
7."JCB & Kansas on the Bus #1" (Kanzus, Jimmy Carl Black, Kunc, Barber)Greyhound Tour Bus Interior, 19691:03
8."Run Home Slow: Main Title Theme"McMillin Theater, February 14, 19691:16
9."The Little March"McMillin Theater, February 14, 19691:20
10."Right There" (Estrada, Zappa)Thee Image, February 7–9, 1969
Criteria Studios, February, 1969
11."Where Is Johnny Velvet?"The Factory, February 28, 19690:48
12."Return of the Hunch-Back Duke"The Factory, February 28, 19691:44
13."Trouble Every Day"The Factory, February 28, 19694:06
14."Proto-Minimalism"McMillin Theater, February 14, 19691:41
15."JCB & Kansas on the Bus #2" (Kanzus, Black, Kunc, Barber)Greyhound Tour Bus Interior, 19691:06
16."My Head?" (Mothers of Invention)Sunset Sound Studios, September 10, 1968 (Art Tripp's birthday)1:22
17."Meow"Whisky à Go-Go, July 23, 19681:23
18."Baked-Bean Boogie"The Ark, July 8, 19693:26
19."Where's Our Equipment?"Falkoner Theatret, October 1, 19672:29
20."FZ/JCB Drum Duet" (Black, Zappa)Fillmore East, February 21, 19694:26
21."No Waiting for the Peanuts to Dissolve"Thee Image, February 7–9, 19694:45
22."A Game of Cards" (Zappa, Motorhead Sherwood, Art Tripp, Ian Underwood)Dressing Room, Providence, Rhode Island, July 5, 19690:44
23."Underground Freak-Out Music"Thee Image, February 7–9, 19693:51
24."German Lunch" (Mothers of Invention)Criteria Studios, February, 19696:43
25."My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama"A & R Studios, June, 19692:11
Disc two
No.TitleRecording date and venueLength
1."Easy Meat"Les Arenes, May 29, 1982
Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 1982
Stadio Luigi Ferraris, July 5, 1982
2."The Dead Girls of London" (Zappa, L. Shankar)Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 19822:29
3."Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?"Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 19821:44
4."What's New in Baltimore?"Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 1982
Stadio Luigi Ferraris, July 5, 1982
5."Moggio"Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 19822:29
6."Dancin' Fool"Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 19823:12
7."RDNZL"Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 1982
Stadio Comunale La Favorita, July 14, 1982
Ex Mattatoio di Testaccio, July 9, 1982
8."Advance Romance"La Patinoire, June 1, 19827:01
9."City of Tiny Lites"Hammersmith Odeon, June 19, 1982
Les Arenes, May 30, 1982
Grugahalle, June 10, 1982
Stadio Comunale, July 3, 1982
10."A Pound for a Brown on the Bus"Stadio Comunale, July 3, 19828:38
11."Doreen"Alte Oper, June 11, 1982
Olympiahalle, June 26, 1982
12."Black Page, No. 2"Olympiahalle, June 26, 19829:56
13."Geneva Farewell"Patinoire des Vernets, July 1, 19821:38

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