You Axed for It!

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You Axed for It! is the first studio album by American heavy metal band the Mentors.

You Axed for It!
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Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 1985
GenreHeavy metal
56:57 (1997 CD)
48:19 (2009 vinyl rerelease)
LabelDeath Records
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You Axed for It!
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On its original vinyl and cassette release (and the reissue in 2009 on Stool Sample Records), the track "Judgement Day" fades out after the final line, "Hallelujah, we're here to stay", is sung. On the 1997 CD reissue by Maximum Metal, the full version of the track is restored and includes an extra guitar solo and an extra lyric, "Mentors, all the way". The extra lyric was included on the lyric sheet in 1985.

Track listingEdit

1."Sandwich of Love"4:22
2."Shocked and Grossed"3:42
3."Four F Club"5:35
4."Herpes Two"5:21
5."Judgement Day" (4:29 on original release)4:56
6."Sleep Bandits"4:35
7."Free Fix for a Fuck"3:33
8."Golden Showers"3:17
9."Clap Queen"3:30
10."My Erection is Over"3:29
CD bonus tracks (1997)
11."Wine Her, Dine Her and 69 Her"4:06
12."In and Out of You"2:34
13."Leave Some for the Vultures"3:52
14."Sex Education"4:05
Bonus 7" single included with Stool Sample Records release (2009)
1."Nitrous Oxide"2:10