Get Up and Die

Get Up and Die is the debut EP released by American heavy metal group The Mentors.

Get Up and Die
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EP by
GenreHeavy metal
44:10 (2009 release)
LabelMystic Records
The Mentors chronology
Get Up and Die
Live At The Whisky

Get Up and Die was later repackaged as Valu Pack in 1987 along with a free 7" containing three tracks from a concert in San Francisco in 1983. In 2009, it was re-released on a single 12", with the original EP tracks on one side and the live tracks, plus a spoken track where El Duce talks about the Mentors' early years, on the B-side. The spoken track previously appeared on a CD re-release of the Live at the Whisky album in 2004.

The tracks from the EP were re-recorded in 1989, appearing on that year's Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll album.

Track listingEdit

1."Going Through Your Purse"3:37
2."Get Up and Die"3:49
3."Peepin' Tom"3:30
4."Woman from Sodom"5:01