Yongma Land

Yongma Land is a small abandoned amusement park in Yongmasan, Jungnang District, Seoul, South Korea. It closed due to low profits, but is open to anyone for 10,000 won per day. It is now a hot spot for cosplay and various other trends.

Yongma Land
Entrance of Yongma Land.jpg
Entrance of Yongma Land
LocationYongmasan, Jungnang District, South Korea
Yongma Land
Revised RomanizationYongma raendeu
McCune–ReischauerYongma raendǔ


Yongma Land opened in 1980 as a humble, family-friendly amusement park.[1] Yongma Land was a popular location for local families for the first decade after it opened. However, when Lotte World opened in 1989, people lost interest in this humble, neighborhood amusement park.[2] The park officially ceased operation in 2011. Though it is no longer operating as an amusement park, the old-school and unique dilapidated atmosphere continue to attract visitors from niche markets such as photographers, as well as professionals in the video production industries.[3][4]

Fee informationEdit

The park is open to visitors at an entrance fee of KRW10,000 per person. The cost will be used to maintain a certain level of dilapidation in the park. The lights of the merry-go-round could be turned on at a standard charge of KRW 25,000 for about 10 minutes. However, if you’re lucky, the owner of the park might switch it on for you for free.

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