Yeni Akit (literally "New Agreement") is an Islamic-conservative Turkish daily newspaper. Yeni Akit is aligned with the fundamentalist Islamic far-right, and has been criticised for homophobia and hate against the LGBT, Jews, Christians, and atheists.

Yeni Akit
Yeni Akit Page.png
TypeDaily newspaper
Founded1993 (as Akit)
2001 (as Anadolu'da Vakit)
2010 (as Yeni Akit)
Political alignmentTraditionalist conservatism
Islamic fundamentalism
HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey
Circulation55,681 (May 2018)[1]


The newspaper was founded in 2010 as a successor to Anadolu'da Vakit (2001–2010), but later took on the name Vakit. The original Vakit had been sued for defamation by 312 generals for a 2003 editorial written by columnist Asım Yenihaber which criticised the military. Vakit lost the case, and was ordered to pay 1.8M TL in 2010.[2] Columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak had his house forcibly sold in 2009 to pay damages relating to a 2000 article.[3]


Role in Turkish Council of State shootingEdit

Vakit had been charged with encouraging the 2006 Turkish Council of State shooting of a judge, which was notionally a protest against a decision blocking the appointment of a teacher wearing a headscarf as principal of a nursery school. Several months earlier, Vakit had produced a front-page headline, ‘Here are those members’, accompanied by the photographs and identities of the chief judge and three members of the 2nd Chamber of the Turkish Council of State responsible for the decision.[4]

Hate SpeechEdit

According to a report published by the Hrant Dink Foundation, Yeni Akit is one of the top three Turkish newspapers featuring hate speech.[5][6]

Yeni Akit is known for featuring opposite ideas against Jews, Armenians, Greeks, Yazidis, Gülenists, Alevis, atheists, LGBT, secularists, freemasons, socialists, communists, pan-Turkists, Kemalists, Grey Wolves, and feminists, among others, on a daily basis.[7][8][9]


In May 2014, Yeni Akit sought to blame Jews in the country's recent Soma coal mine disaster that left over 300 dead. The newspaper criticized the mine's owner for having a Jewish son-in-law and "Zionist-dominated media" for distorting the story.[10][11]

In September 2014, Yeni Akit columnist Faruk Cose called for Turkish Jews to be taxed to pay for reconstructing buildings damaged in Gaza during Israel's Operation Protective Edge.[12]

In July 2014, the newspaper used a picture of Adolf Hitler as the centerpiece for its daily word game, and the phrase "Seni arıyoruz" translating to ''We long for you'' as the answer to the puzzle.[13]


In January 2012, Yeni Akit was fined by the Turkish High Court of Appeals over comments published in 2008 describing gay people as "perverts."[14]

In the aftermath of the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting the newspaper published a headline calling the victims "deviants" or "perverted",[15] which in turn was criticized by foreign media outlets.[16]


On Atatürk's 75. death anniversary, on Yeni Akit's newspaper had a full page ad, that had the phrase ''Olmasaydı da olurduk'' translating to ''We would still be here if he didn't exist'' referring to Atatürk.[17]

In January 2015, the newspaper posted a photo on their Facebook of Atatürk with a make-up filter and a darped up filter applied to it. Against this members of the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party of Turkey) protested in front of the Yeni Akit Headquarters. It is alleged that Yeni Akit employees fired bullets at the protesters.[18]

Censoring of womenEdit

The newspaper censors images of women in both their print and online edition by blurring all uncovered skin.[19][20] In some cases, women in the image are completely blurred out.[21]

Targeting of journalistsEdit

In July 2012, over 200 prominent people signed a criminal complaint against Yeni Akit over its attacks on Armenian-origin journalist Ali Bayramoğlu.[22]

In August, the newspaper accused Cengiz Çandar and Hasan Cemal of supporting the PKK.[23]

In December 2012, Yeni Akit published a list of 60 journalists who, it claimed, supported the PKK, and called the journalists "terrorists and criminals".[24]

Support of bin LadenEdit

Following his death in May 2011, Yeni Akit published a full page condolence in honor of Osama bin Laden.[25]

Denial of Sivas MassacreEdit

Yeni Akit published a front-page story on 23 July 2012 declaring the Sivas massacre a "19 Year Lie", claiming the victims had been killed by gunshots rather than fire on the basis of morgue photos it claimed were previously unpublished. The claims were rapidly disproven, and strongly condemned by many.[26][27]

Conviction of columnist for sexually abusing a minorEdit

In September 2009's Bursa 4. Aggravated Felony Court's final hearing found Vakit newspaper columnist 78-year-old Hüseyin Üzmez convicted for sexually abusing a minor and was sentenced to 13 years 1 month 15 days in prison.[28] Against the appeal, Penal Department No. 9 of the Supreme Court held another trial on 14 November 2012 where he was sentenced with the same time in prison. In 2012, Hüseyin Üzmez entered prison again, and in 2014 he was discharged from prison due to health problems and psychological problems. He died 12 days later.[29] The newspaper denied the allegations and insisted this was a conspiracy.

Disinformation during Gezi ProtestsEdit

During the Gezi Park protests in Turkey, Yeni Akit published many disinformative articles.

On 5 June Mustafa Durdu, a columnist at the newspaper, claimed that protestors may even have performed group sex inside Dolmabahçe Mosque.[30]

On 13 June, Yeni Akit claimed that prostitution and group sex was common at Gezi park after 2 am. They based this claim on an "anonymous journalist who saw this happening with his own eyes and told it to someone else".[31]

On 15 June, the newspaper accused supermarket chain Migros of delivering free supplies to the protestors at Gezi park.[32] However, goods delivered to the park were bought by protestors through the supermarket's online store.

On 24 August, Yeni Akit claimed that Gezi protestors were preparing for a "big provocation" during the August 30 Victory Day celebrations.[33]

Orlando nightclub shootingEdit

Following the Orlando nightclub shooting, the newspaper published a headline calling the victims "deviant" or "perverted,"[34] which in turn was criticized by foreign media outlets.[35]

2017 Dutch–Turkish diplomatic incidentEdit

During the 2017 Dutch–Turkish diplomatic incident, Yeni Akit wrote a suggestive article which noted that while there were "400,000 Turks living in the Netherlands," the Dutch army "has 48,000 soldiers."[36]


  • Abdullah Büyük
  • Ali İhsan Karahasanoğlu
  • Asım Yenihaber
  • Hasan Aksay
  • Hasan Karakaya
  • Kenan Alpay
  • Merve Kavakçı
  • Şevki Yılmaz
  • Yavuz Bahadıroğlu
  • Abdullah Şanlıdağ
  • Abdullah Yıldız
  • Ahmet Gülümseyen
  • Ersoy Dede
  • Kıvanç Tığlı
  • Latif Erdoğan
  • Mehmet Ali Tekin
  • Mehmet Doğan
  • Mehmet Emin Gerger
  • Mehmet Koçak
  • Mehtap Yılmaz
  • Mesut Bıyık
  • Muhsin Meriç
  • Mustafa Çelik
  • Mustafa Özcan
  • Nusret Çiçek
  • Osman Atalay
  • Prof. Dr. Namık Açıkgöz
  • Serdar Demirel
  • Yaşar Değirmenci
  • Yener Dönmez
  • Merve Kavakçı


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