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Yeni Ülke (New Land) was a Turkish pro-Kurdish newspaper. It was founded in 1990 as a weekly newspaper, and in 1993 merged with Özgür Gündem. In 1992/3 a number of its contributors (included Musa Anter, assassinated September 1992) were assassinated.

Yeni Ülke
Founded20 October 1990[1]
Ceased publication1993
HeadquartersIstanbul, Turkey

On 24 February 1992 Yeni Ülke journalist Cengiz Altun was assassinated. He had previously received death threats, and had written an article on the Counterguerrilla in the 2-8 February issue.[2] Yeni Ülke's Mecit Akgün was found hanged on 2 June, allegedly by the PKK.[3][4] Journalist Yahya Orhan, who wrote for Özgür Gündem and Yeni Ülke, was assassinated on 31 July 1992.[5] Kemal Kılıç, a former correspondent for Özgür Gündem then writing for Yeni Ülke, was assassinated on 18 February 1993.[3] Some of these assassinations were later mentioned in the 1998 Prime Ministry report into the Susurluk scandal, in a censored section later leaked to the press.[6]

In 1999 the European Court of Human Rights overturned a conviction under Article 312 relating to a July 1991 article published in Yeni Ülke.[7]

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