Yeghia Dndesian

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Yeghia Dndesian (born Istanbul, Ottoman Turkey 1834 - died Constantinople, Ottoman Turkey 1881) was an Armenian musician and musical reformer.[1]


Yeghia Dndesian was among the cultivators of the Sharagan musical style and notation used throughout Armenian churches and religious services.[1] He was instrumental in resurfacing much of the lost information of ancient Armenian music. In April 1873, a committee consisting of priests, clergymen, and scribes arrived in Constantinople to gather, revise, or recompose Sharagan melodies in order to preserve them for notation.[2] Dndesian was chosen as a member of the committee along with Nigoghos Tashjian, and Aristakes Hovannesian (1812-1878).[1] After putting much work, Dndesian eventually published a five volume book in 1871 entitled Sharagan Tzainakryal or Sharagan Notations.[1]


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