Yasamal raion

Yasamal is a settlement and raion in Baku, Azerbaijan. It has a population of 245,900.[1]

One of the central districts of Baku, Yasamal district, was established in 1932 as the administrative unit of the district, from the south to Sabail (3 km), west from Garadagh (3.2 km), north from Binagadi (2.8 km) and Nasimi (5 km) borders with regions. The territory of the district is 16.22 km2. Through the district - from the "Kurt Gate" and Badamdar settlement to the south by passing Baku-Gazakh and Baku-Astara and west of New Yasamal to Baku via Baku-Gazakh, Baku-Astara and Baku-Yalama, and from Bilajari - There are exits to Gazakh and Baku-Yalama highways. 11 internally displaced persons live in the region. Of these, 5497 families - 20,550 IDPs have been registered in the District Executive Authority up to now: The registered population density is 15 160 people per 1 sq. km. The population of the region is 118 776 people, ie 48.5% of men, 126.124% of women and 51.5% are women. There are 8 higher education institutions, 5 secondary specialized educational institutions, 4 music schools, 30 kindergartens and 28 secondary schools (high school, gymnasium) where the number of teachers employed is 3076 and the number of pupils is 29 643 [1]

Subway stations Nizami, Academy of Sciences, Inshaatchilar and 20 January subway stations are located in the district.

The elected local self-governing body of the district is Yasamal municipality.