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Yarmouk University (Arabic: جامعة اليرموك‎), also abbreviated YU is a public university, comprehensive and state supported university located near city center of Irbid in northern Jordan. Since its establishment in 1976, Yarmouk University (YU) has been at the forefront of Jordanian and Middle Eastern universities.[2][3] The University consists of 15 faculties offering 52 bachelor's degree, 64 master's degree, and 18 PhD Programs in different disciplines. The university also hosts 12 research and career centers.[4]

Yarmouk University
جامعة اليَرْموك
Endowment123,000,000 JD
ChairmanFayez Khasawneh
PresidentProf. Zeidan kafafi[1]
Vice-presidentProf. Ziad Al- Saad (Academic Affairs)
Prof. Jamal Abu Doleh (Administrative Affairs)
Prof. Yousef Abu Al-Udous (Quality Affairs)[1]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Location, ,
32°32′15″N 35°51′20″E / 32.53750°N 35.85556°E / 32.53750; 35.85556Coordinates: 32°32′15″N 35°51′20″E / 32.53750°N 35.85556°E / 32.53750; 35.85556
1 square kilometre (250 acres)
ColorsGreen and White [a]
AffiliationsIAU, FUIW, UNIMED, AArU
Yarmouk University Title.png

As the Academic Year 2016/2017, the university has 1,004 faculty members and 1,597 staff with 34,651 students in all academic programs (31,282 Undergraduate, 2,807 Postgraduate and 562 Doctoral). In addition, there are currently around 5,000 international students from 50 different nations.[5]



YU was established in 1976, and currently contains 15 faculties.[6]

Each year YU grants over 4000 Bachelor and Master Degrees. The university started with few number of faculty members; now it hosts 1,004 faculty, of which 260 are full professors, 239 associate professors, 278 assistant professors and 227 lecturer. The controlled enrollment of the student body is grounded on the university's vision to maintain the standards of higher education in Jordan, in parallel with national educational policies.

University presidentsEdit

  • Prof. Adnan Badran
  • Prof. Mohammad Hamdan
  • Prof. Ali Mahafza
  • Prof. Marwan Kamal
  • Prof. Fayez Khasawneh
  • Prof. Mohammad Sabarini
  • Prof. Mohammad Abu-Qudais
  • Prof. Sultan Abu-Orabi
  • Prof. Abdallah Al-Mousa
  • Prof. Refat Al-Faouri


YU campus is located near the city center of Irbid, the second largest city in Jordan. The campus consists of independent buildings for each faculty and administration unit.[4]

YU Campus


There are fifteen faculties in the Yarmouk University that offer doctoral, graduate and undergraduate degrees, the medium of lectures, exams, and tuition depends in the faculty, scientific faculties use mainly English while other faculties use mainly Arabic, while Arabic is the main communication language in the university.

Faculty of Arts Faculty of Science Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Hijjawi Faculty for

Engineering Technology

Faculty of Shariaa Faculty of Education Faculty of Physical


Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty

of Mass Communication

Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Sciences Faculty of Archaeology and Anthropology Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Faculty of Law Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Pharmacy
1976 1976 1981 1984 1990 1988 1993 2001 2008 2002 2003 2010 1992 2013 2012

Scientific collegesEdit

Faculty of Science:

Hijjawi Faculty of Engineering Technology:

Faculty of IT and Computer science:

Faculty of Medicine [10]

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences [11]

Colleges of arts and humanity sciencesEdit

Deanships & CentersEdit

  • Deanship of Student Affairs [22]
  • Deanship of Research and Graduate Studies
  • The Language Center [23]
  • Computer & Information Center
  • Faculty Development Center (FDC)
  • Queen Rania Center[24]
  • Refugees & Displaced Persons & Migration Center
  • Center of Theoretical and Applied Physics Center
  • Speech and Hearing Center
  • The Jordanian Design Center (JDC)
  • Academic Entrepreneurship Center of Excellence [25]
  • UNESCO Chair for Desert Studies and Desertification Control
  • Marine Science Station Center (MSS)

Yarmouk University PressEdit

The university publishes several journals that are internationally peer-reviewed journals, they are published in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and other annual and semiannual periodicals:

  • Jordan Journal of Chemistry (ISSN 1814-9111)(LCCN 2006308967) [26]
  • Jordan Journal physics (ISSN 1994-7615) [27]
  • Jordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (ISSN 2075-7905) [28]
  • Jordan Journal of Modern Languages and Literature (ISSN 1994-6953) [29]
  • Jordan Journal of Arts [30]
  • Jordan Journal of Educational Sciences (ISSN 2303-9574) [31]

Periodicals published by the university that include dissertations and masters thesis works:

  1. Abhath Al-Yarmouk (AYBSE). (ISSN 1023-0149) [32]
  2. Abhath Al-Yarmouk (AYHSS). (ISSN 1023-0165) [33]


Yarmouk University has an FM radio station that broadcasts 24/7 at the frequency 105.7 FM. The station Yarmouk FM broadcasts news, music, political, social, and academic programs, and weather forecast.[34]

Yarmouk University has a newspaper that published periodically. The newspaper Sahafat Al-Yarmouk publish in the following topics:[35]

  • news
  • music
  • political
  • social
  • academic programs

Notable alumniEdit


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