Yan Can Cook is a Chinese-oriented cooking show starring Chef Martin Yan that featured recipes for stir-fried foods and an assortment of various other traditional Chinese meals and cooking techniques. The series was widely broadcast on public television in the United States, on Food Network in Canada and on HTV in Vietnam.[citation needed] The series later transferred to Thames Television in the UK in the 1980s[when?]. A counterpart series featuring Vietnamese cuisine was also produced and was broadcast in 2003.[citation needed] Yan also wrote several cookbooks which serve as companions to these various television series.

Yan Can Cook
GenreCooking show
StarringMartin Yan
Country of originUnited States USA
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Gayle Yamada[1]
Producer(s)Mark Tocher
First shown in1982
Original release1982
Followed byMartin Yan – Quick & Easy

Presentation styleEdit

Chef Yan's style of presentation was infused with (and today continues to feature) humor; during this program's original run he became known for his main catchphrase, "If Yan can, you can, Zai jian!", with which he signed off on each show. He used a second catchphrase, "Something fishy here! [sic]", used whenever he cooked seafood. One of his other trademarks was to chop food frantically with a sharp cleaver while grinning towards the camera.[citation needed]

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