Yadanabon Zoological Gardens

Coordinates: 22°00′22″N 96°06′00″E / 22.006°N 96.100°E / 22.006; 96.100

The Yadanabon Zoological Gardens (Burmese: ရတနာပုံ တိရိစ္ဆာန် ဥယျာဉ် [jədənàbòʊɰ̃ təɹeɪʔsʰàɰ̃ ʔṵjɪ̀ɰ̃]) is a zoo in Mandalay, Myanmar. The zoo has nearly 300 animals, including tigers, leopards and elephants,[1][3] and plays a major part in the conservation program for the highly threatened Burmese roofed turtle (Batagur trivittata).

Yadanabon Zoo
ရတနာပုံ တိရိစ္ဆာန် ဥယျာဉ်
Yadanabon Zoological Gardens.jpg
Date opened1989[1]
Mandalay Division, Myanmar
Coordinates22°00′22″N 96°06′00″E / 22.006°N 96.100°E / 22.006; 96.100
Land area55 acres (0.22 km2)[2]
No. of animals300 (2003)[1]
Major exhibitsBurmese roofed turtle,
Burmese star tortoise

According to a March 2011 report by a Yangon-based news magazine, the zoo reportedly is under consideration for privatization.[2]


The zoo is located at the foot of Mandalay Hill and opened on 8 April 1989. In 2003, its facilities were upgraded for K500 million (approximately US$500K).[1] Part of the upgrade program included a dedicated enclosure for the K. trivittata turtle with a larger ground pond, built with emergency funds donated by BTG Studios of Sydney and Allwetterzoo Münster of Germany.[4]

Burmese roofed turtleEdit

Yadanabon Zoo is notable for playing a significant part in the successful conservation program with the Turtle Survival Alliance for the Burmese roofed turtle (Batagur trivittata). Feared extinct until 2002, and still very rare in the wild, several hundred individuals are now kept at the zoo and a turtle conservation center in Lawkananda Park, Bagan.[5] Yadanabon Zoo also participate in the breeding program of the highly threatened Burmese star tortoise (G. platynota).[6]



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