Yad Eliyahu (Hebrew: יד אליהו‎) is a neighborhood in east Tel Aviv, Israel.

Aerial view of Yad Eliyahu neighborhood

Yad Eliyahu was established in 1929. It developed in accordance with plans drawn up by Jacob Ben Sira, the Tel Aviv municipal engineer.[1] The neighborhood, named for Haganah leader Eliyahu Golomb, became the site of housing projects for ex-servicemen after World War II.[2]

Menora Mivtachim Arena, home to the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team is located in Yad Eliyahu.

Coordinates: 32°03′33″N 34°47′50″E / 32.0593°N 34.7971°E / 32.0593; 34.7971

Notable residentsEdit