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Yağ Mosque (or English: Oil Mosque) is a historical mosque located at Alimunif Street in the old town of Adana, Turkey.[1] Originally built as Armenian church of St. Jacob.

Yağ Mosque
Adana Yağ Mosque, 2005.jpg
Yağ Mosque
LocationTurkey Adana, Turkey
Geographic coordinates36°59′01″N 35°19′37″E / 36.98361°N 35.32694°E / 36.98361; 35.32694Coordinates: 36°59′01″N 35°19′37″E / 36.98361°N 35.32694°E / 36.98361; 35.32694
TypeArmenian church, later mosque
StyleArmenian architecture, later Seljukid Grand Mosque



Historian, Bertrandon da la Brokiel[who?], noted of St. Jean Church at the location of the mosque. Evliya Çelebi also mentions an old church that used to exist. The mosque was built in 1501 on the ruins of the church by Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey and named originally Eski Mosque (Old Mosque).[2] Later, his son Piri Mehmet Paşa has built its minaret in 1525 and its madrasah in 1558.[3] The mosque later became known as Yağ Mosque due to the oil bazaar that was just next to it.[4]



Yağ Mosque is built in the Seljukid Grand Mosque style. The praying area has a rectangular shape and it is split into five naves with four rows of columns. The mihrab of the mosques is the apsis that remained from former church. The gate of the mosques is of yellow and black colored stone and is an important work of art.[5]


The Yağ Mosque Medrese is located in the courtyard of the mosque. There are classrooms, cells (bedrooms) and a kitchen in the madrasah. Classrooms are covered with domes and cells have cradle arches. Arcades in front of the cells are great samples of wooden artwork.


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