YMPC Cricket Club

YMPC Cricket Club is a cricket club in Barbados. The club plays in the Barbados Cricket Association Division 1 championship. The club is part of the Young Men's Progressive Club of Barbados; established in 1935 for "lower middle income whites and near whites for whom there was no space in Pickwick and Wanderers [cricket clubs]".[1] Changes in Barbadian society meant that from the 1960s onwards, the membership of YMPC gradually came to reflect the general Barbadian population.[2] YMPC's home ground is at Beckles Road, Saint Michael.[3] The club motto is mens sana in corpore sano.

YMPC won the 2006 Division 1 championship—the club's third—only eight years after a mass exodus of leading players threatened the future of the club.[4] The club's previous championship was shared with Empire Cricket Club in 1991.[5]

Notable players include West Indies Test cricketers:


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