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Xavier Chamorro Cardenal (31 December 1932 Granada, Nicaragua – 4 January 2008),[1][2] a Nicaraguan, was editor of El Nuevo Diario, a Nicaraguan newspaper.



He was a son of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Zelaya and wife Margarita Cardenal Argüello, paternal grandson of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Bolaños and wife and cousin Ana María Zelaya Bolaños and maternal grandson of Julio Cardenal Argüello and wife and cousin Adela Argüello Cervantes (daughter of José María Argüello Peñalba and wife María Cervantes Montalván), both relatives of Leonardo Argüello, 66th President of Nicaragua. His great-grandparents were Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Alfaro, 39th President of Nicaragua, and wife María de la Luz Bolaños Bendaña.

He had two brothers, Jaime Chamorro Cardenal and Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal, and two sisters, Ligia Chamorro Cardenal and Ana María Chamorro Cardenal, married to ... Holmann ... and mother of Eduardo and Hugo Holmann Chamorro.


Prior to 1980, he had been with La Prensa, a well known Conservative publication. After the murder of his brother and newspaper journalist Pedro Joaquín in 1978, Xavier took over as editor of the paper. In 1980, he left La Prensa, taking eighty percent of the staff with him. Together, they founded El Nuevo Diario, with Xavier as director and editor. The newspaper has flourished, and provides a political view which is significantly different from that of La Prensa.


He died in Managua on 4 January 2008 reportedly of heart disease.

He was married to Sonia García Cordova ... and had:

  • Francisco Xavier Chamorro García
  • Margarita Chamorro García
  • Gabriel Chamorro García
  • Ana María Chamorro García
  • Juan Sebastián Chamorro García

He also was titled as an engineer and was active as an amateur radio operator, call sign YN1XC.

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