Xaniar Khosravi

Xaniar Khosravi (Persian: زانیار خسروی‎, also Romanized as Zānyār Xosrawi; born 1985) [1] also professionally known by his stage name Xaniar is an Iranian singer. composer, lyricist and arranger. He officially published his album debut named "28" in early 2013.

Xaniar Khosravi
Xaniar Khosravi (left) and Maziyar Lashani (right) in 2019
Born (1985-04-22) 22 April 1985 (age 34)
Home townTehran, Iran
Musical career
  • Vocals
  • Piano
  • Keyboard
Years active2008–present
LabelsAvaye Farvahar

Xaniar was born in Tehran, and is the younger brother of Sirvan Khosravi, who is a pop singer too.[2][3][4]

He also appeared as an actor on two Iranian films by now, which one of them is Peyman Moaadi's directing debut The Snow on the pines. Also the other film is Love is not banned a film by Bijan Birang.[5][6]

His first concert tickets were sold in less than two days, which was a motive for his continued work.[7]



  • Twenty Eight (28)- 2013


  • after me
  • darya
  • bezan baran
  • cheshmanat arezoost
  • hatred (with maziar lashani)
  • my mood (with maziar lashani)
  • I’m not backing now (nemiram aghab)
  • you don't know (nemidooni)
  • 70 million stars(70 millions setare)
  • risk
  • beside moonlight (kenare mahtab)
  • yes
  • she
  • i knew you were gonna go (midoonestam miri)
  • gravity (jazebe)
  • with out you (bedoone to)
  • hye you
  • dreamy eyes (cheshmaye royayi)
  • but I’ll miss you (ama delam vasat tang mishe)
  • went on fast (zood gozasht)
  • hypnotism
  • i still have hope (omid daram hanooz)
  • I’m not a millionaire]] (man millionaire nistam)
  • if you want (to age bekhay)
  • you became my world]] (to shodi hame donyam)
  • if you weren't here (to nabashi)
  • i dont want to change (man nemikham avaz besham)
  • rare feeling (hese kamyab)
  • you make me jealous (hasoodim mishe)[8]

Music videosEdit

  • that's it
  • Do not dodge
  • Without you
  • risk
  • Life is all the same
  • I’m not a millionaire
  • gravity
  • If you stay (age mimoondi)
  • with out you (live)
  • i knew you were gonna go (midoonestam miri)
  • I’m not backing now (nemiram aghab)
  • Huh


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