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The XX Corps was an army corps of the British Army during World War I.

XX Corps
XX Corps WW1.jpg
XX Corps formation badge.
ActiveWorld War I
Country United Kingdom
BranchFlag of the British Army.svg British Army
TypeField corps
Part ofEgyptian Expeditionary Force
EngagementsWorld War I


First World WarEdit

The Corps was formed in Palestine in June 1917 under Lieutenant General Philip Chetwode.[1] Following the British failure in the Second Battle of Gaza, the Egyptian Expeditionary Force underwent a major rearrangement with the appointment of General Edmund Allenby as the new Commander-in-Chief. The infantry component of the force was divided into two corps; XX Corps and XXI Corps.

The corps initially comprised four infantry divisions:[2]

The XX Corps first saw action in the Beersheba phase of the Third Battle of Gaza on 31 October 1917.[2] The 60th and 74th Divisions captured Turkish outposts west of the town but were not involved in the final assault. Following Beersheba on 6 November, the corps made a frontal assault against the Turkish fortifications in the vicinity of Sheria where the 10th, 60th and 74th Divisions succeeded in breaking through. The 10th Division captured the Hareira Redoubt on 7 November[3] and the 60th Division advanced on Huj in support of the Australian Mounted Division's effort to cut off the retreating Turkish army.[4]

During the Battle of Megiddo the formation was:[5]

  • Corps Troops
  • 10th (Irish) Division
  • 53rd (Welsh) Division

General officers commandingEdit

Commanders included:

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