XEANT-AM (La Voz de las Huastecas – "The Voice of the Huastecas") is an indigenous community radio station that broadcasts in Spanish, Nahuatl, Pame and Huastec (Tének) from Tancanhuitz de Santos in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. It is run by the Cultural Indigenist Broadcasting System (SRCI) of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI).

Xeant color.jpg
Broadcast areaSan Luis Potosí, Hidalgo, Querétaro & Veracruz
Frequency770 kHz
BrandingLa Voz de las Huastecas
FormatIndigenous community radio
First air date
28 September 1990
Former frequencies
1070 kHz (1990-2005)
Call sign meaning
Pedro ANTonio Santos, San Luis Potosí
Technical information
Power10,000 W[1]
Transmitter coordinates
21°36′46″N 98°59′23″W / 21.61278°N 98.98972°W / 21.61278; -98.98972

XEANT's radio programming has been studied as an example of decolonization and the promotion of traditional knowledge and values.[2]


A 2017 annual work report for XEANT highlighted the Plaza Pública (Public Plaza) radio show, which is produced in Tének or Nahuatl each weekend in a different community and includes music by traditional Huapango trios. According to the report, Plaza Pública has been so popular that many local community assemblies have submitted petitions to have the show produced in their communities.[3]

In 2020 the station broadcast information about COVID-19 prevention in Nahuatl and Tének.[4]

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