Wuriyanga Mosque

Wuriyanga Mosque is located in the Upper East region of Ghana, beyond Garu.[1] It is located southeast of Bawku.[2][3][4]

Wuriyanga Mosque
LocationUpper East, Ghana
Date established19th century


It was claimed to be built in the 19th century.[5] It was claimed the founders of the mosque of Wuriyanga were Mossi Muslims who migrated from the west around the Bobo-Dioulasso area in Burkina Faso. The kusasis named the place 'widiyang' meaning a female horse but have been corrupted to woriyanga. The Mossi of the village built their first mosque which was similar to the style of their homeland.[6]


It is made from mud. It has no exterior buttresses and has only one tower. Like other mosques in Northern and Savannah Regions of Ghana, Wuriyanga Mosque is built in the traditional Djenne architectural style, using local materials and construction techniques. The weight and flat roof of the mosque are supported by very thick load-bearing walls and many columns on the interior. The building is rectangular in shape.[6]


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