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Wunda is a bright feature at the top of this image of Umbriel.

Coordinates: 7°54′S 273°36′E / 7.9°S 273.6°E / -7.9; 273.6[1]

Wunda is a large crater on the surface of Uranus' moon Umbriel.[2] It is 131 km in diameter and is located near the equator of Umbriel. The crater is named after Wunda, a dark spirit of Australian aboriginal mythology.[1]

Wunda has a prominent albedo feature on its floor, which takes the shape of a ring of bright material at least 10 km in radial width.[3] The reason for its brightness, which stands out from the very dark composition of the moon as a whole, is unknown.[2] It may be a deposit of carbon dioxide ice.[4]



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