Wulgrin III of Angoulême

Wulgrin III of Angoulême, also known as Wulgrin Taillefer II, inherited the title of Count of Angoulême and its territories from his father, William VI of Angoulême, in 1179.[1]

His untimely death was the first break in the house of Taillefer, which had ruled Angoulême since the days of the Carolingians. As he had only one daughter, Mathilde of Angoulême, the territory went to his younger brother, William VII of Angoulême. Wulgrin's daughter, Mathilde, would marry Hugh IX of Lusignan, who would eventually inherit the kingdom, over the claims of John of England, through Isabella of Angoulême, the daughter of Aymer of Angoulême, the third and youngest brother.

Preceded by Count of Angoulême
Succeeded by


  1. ^ Historians have given a variety of dates for Wulgrin's ascension to the countship. Watson (453) gives it as 1179, backed up by charter evidence (353–62). Geoffrey of Vigeois' chronicle (325–26) also declares William VI to have died in 1179 and Wulgrin III to have ruled for only two years.


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