Wulfoald (died 680) was the mayor of the palace of Austrasia from 656 or 661, depending on when Grimoald I was removed from that office (accounts vary: see his article for details), to his death and mayor of the palace of Neustria and Burgundy from 673 to 675.

He was the regent of Austrasia during the minority of Childeric II until 670. Even after Childeric achieved his majority, Wulfoald held the real power. In 673, he became the mayor of the palace in Neustria because Childeric had succeeded to its throne. But when Childeric died, Wulfoald had to flee to Austrasia. Wulfoald and the nobles proclaimed Dagobert II king, but Ebroin, the rival mayor of the palace of Neustria, tried to place Clovis III on the Austrasian throne to extend his influence. It wasn't until 676 that Wulfoald succeeded in putting Dagobert definitively on the throne. War continued on the border until 677, when Neustria recognised Austrasian independence. Dagobert was assassinated on December 23, 679. Wulfoald outlived his king for only a short while.

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