Wretched Ones

The Wretched Ones are a punk band from Midland Park, New Jersey, United States. They were former members of The Wretched and The Burnt. Their song "Oi! Rodgers" was a minor underground hit in the early 1990s.



Title Label Other information
The Wretched Ones Headache Records re-issued by Knockout Records
Go To Work Headache Records re-issued by Knockout Records
We Don't Belong to Nobody Headache Records re-issued by Knockout Records
Less Is More TKO Records collection of early singles and rare tracks
Make It Happen Headache Records re-issued by New Studio Recording (picture LP)


Title Label Other information
Old, Loud, & Snotty Headache Records first release
Going Down the Bar Headache Records originally released as a 6-inch EP; re-issued by Dionysus Records with a bonus track
America's Most Wanted Headache Records
Johnny Burnout Force Majeure Records
Sideburns and Beer Headache Records
Nice Guys Finish Last Black Hole Records
Hey Old Man Pogostick Records
Wretched Ones/No Empathy split Suburban Voice Records released with Suburban Voice fanzine
Tributes Suck Headache Records featuring four cover songs
Live in Germany Headache Records
Live on a Five Headache Records


Title Label Other information
Punk For Life Run and Hide Records Also appearing on this comp are MDC and The Piss Shivers
Punk Dwellings Vol. 1 Dwell Records, 1996 Features "I Hated School," and a cover of "Lipstick On Your Collar."
Liverache - Tales From The Livers Edge Very Small Records, 1997 Also appearing on this comp are Less Than Jake and The Piss Shivers

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